Republic of Tajikistan
Project Administration Group and Evaluation Committees on the ADB  
Project Administration Group (PAG) Staff 
Contract No MOES/ISTEMSEP/CS/2023-02
Position: Senior Procurement Officer  
Issuance date: 26/01/2024
Closing date/time: 14/02/2024
The Government of Tajikistan (GOT) has received a grant from the Asian Development Bank (ADB) part of which will be used to procure works, goods and services for implementing the Improving Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics Secondary Education Project (ISTEMSEP). A senior procurement officer is required to support PAG strengthen and improve its capacity to undertake the tendering process, including bid preparation and bid evaluation. 
The assignment will support the Project Manager and the Project Administration Group (PAG) for the preparation of the bidding documents for procuring works and goods and the detailed TORs for procuring various consulting services. In particular, the Senior Procurement Officer will (i) ensure the efficient and effective implementation of procurement of goods, works and consulting services; (ii) assist in the preparation of the bid documents for projects identified, including initiating the bidding process for various packages; and (iii) conduct bid evaluation and prepare the corresponding bid evaluation reports. 
The Senior Procurement Specialist will oversee all steps of the procurement process under the Project on procurement-related matters and monitor their procurement to ensure compliance with the ADB guidelines and procedures. 
a. Working closely with the International Procurement Specialist the Senior Procurement Officer will undertake procurement of works, goods, consulting services, review the project’s procurement transactions and oversee the EA’s procurement activities:
b. coordinate with and assist the International Procurement Specialist in carrying out the latter’s duties and responsibilities; 
c. Prepare and regularly update project procurement plan;
d. Ensure due procurement governance process through registering and addressing complaints related to the procurement process (including maintaining complaint records, preparing responses and notifying the ADB); 
e. Ensuring that the implementing agency personnel involved in the procurement process do not have a conflict of interest;
f. Train related Project Administration Group and Evaluation Committees on the ADB procurement rules and procedures; advice those on appropriate areas related to procurement and contract management;
g. implement all requirements of Government and the ADB as specified in ADB documentation; 
h. establish the procurement committees as required by Government and the ADB; 
i. coordinating the meeting on the opening of bids, preparing the minutes of the opening and collecting the signatures of the members of the Committee for the evaluation of bids, based on the standard evaluation form of the ADB and timely sending the minutes to ADB;
j. prepare procurement documents, evaluation reports, contracts and communications related to procurement processes;
k. prepare papers and recommendations for the Procurement Working Group as required; 
l. conduct research to ascertain the best products and suppliers in terms of best value, delivery schedules and quality; 
m. liaise between suppliers, manufacturers, relevant areas of the project; 
n. Support the MOES in acceptance of the goods, customs clearance, and secure delivery to the appropriate final destinations;
o. identify potential suppliers, visit existing suppliers, and build and maintain good relationships with them; 
p. facilitate negotiations and contracting and monitor contract progress, checking the quality of services provided; 
q. facilitate processing of payments and invoices; 
r. maintain contract files and use them as reference for the future; 
s. forecast price trends and their impact on future activities; 
t. produce reports and statistics using computer software; 
u. assist in evaluating bids and making recommendations based on commercial and technical factors; 
v. ensure suppliers are aware of project objectives; and 
w. attend meetings and.
It is expected that the selected candidate will conform to the following qualifications and experience profile:
(1) Higher education in business administration, law, economics and other relevant fields (civil engineering, industrial management, business administration, finance);
(2) At least 5 years of work experience in procurement of goods, works and services under the ADB or other international development organizations’ procurement procedures;
(3) Received training on international procurement procedures, including ADB procedures in procurement of goods and works and selection of consultants;
(4) Knowledge of the public procurement law;
(5) Experience in government’s development projects, preferably in multilateral institution-financed projects.
(6) Previous experience of ADB’s Procurement Accreditation Skills Scheme (PASS) e-learning materials and modules.
(7) Experience in the usage of computers and office software packages (MS Word, Excel, etc.);
(8) Fluency in English and Tajik and/or Russian languages. 
(9) Two reference letters from the most recent employers
The Specialist is expected to begin the assignment in Fеbruary 2023 on a full-time basis. Dushanbe is the location of assignment. The Specialist shall be contracted for 12 months. This assignment is renewable annually based on the specialist’s performance and project needs.
Qualified applicants are requested to send documents via e-mail: 
Please, include the position title in the subject of the email.
Please, note that your resume should be prepared and sent in the template accepted by the project. See it attached.
For more information, please call: (+992 37) 2274502 from 8:00 to 17:00 
The deadline for submitting documents is 14 February 2024, before 17:00 (Dushanbe time).