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Learning Environment – Foundation of Quality Education Project 
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Contract No MOES/LEARN/S/2024-11
 Issuance date: 06/02/2024
Closing date/time: 22/02/2024
The Government of the Republic of Tajikistan has received grant funding in the amount of US$50.0 million from the World Bank for the implementation of the "Learning Environment – Foundation of Quality Education Project” (the Project, LEARN) during 2023-2029. The Project will be implemented by the Ministry of Education and Science (MOES), and in close coordination with the Agency for Supervision in the Sphere of Education and Science (ASSES). 
The Project Development Objective is to enhance the quality of teaching and learning environments in selected general secondary schools.
“Teaching and Learning environment” in this project refers to the complete physical, social, and pedagogical context in which learning is intended to occur. The teaching and learning environment in this project is defined as consisting of the skills and competencies of teachers and physical learning spaces where learning occurs . It is school settings (not just classrooms) and contexts in which students learn and teachers teach within the school premises.
Under the overall supervision and guidance of the Procurement Specialist, with direct supervision and strong day-to-day coordination ensured by the Project Coordinator in the respective duty station, the Driver will provide driving and administrative support. The objective for the driver assignment is to prioritize the safe and secure transportation, strictly adhering to traffic regulations and safety protocols of the Republic of Tajikistan. The driver is responsible for maintaining the vehicle's safety through regular and thorough maintenance practices. The driver will be implementing additional administrative support as agreed with the Project team.
Under the supervision of the Project Coordinator and Procurement Specialist, the Driver will:
Safe Transportation and compliance:
• Providing high-quality driving services through vehicle maintenance and safe driving practices; 
• Conduct timely and safe transportation of project employees, consultants, and project guests in the project's official vehicles, following the authorization from the project management;
• Ensure that the project vehicle has valid insurance coverage and a well-maintained first aid kit;
• Ensure the wearing of seat belts by all occupants of the vehicle and promote adherence to country’s safety measures and measures described in the E&S and other safety regulations of the project;
• Drive the vehicle for authorized journeys only, adhering to the project's travel policies;
• Refrain from answering telephone calls while driving to ensure full attention to road safety;
• Maintain daily vehicle logs, including mileage, fuel consumption, and travel routes. Submit logs to the Procurement Specialist on a timely basis
• Coordinate and ensure timely repair and maintenance services for project vehicles;
• Adhere to all instructions regulating safe driving behavior and strictly follow the Rules of the Road;
Route planning:
• Assist in the organization of logistical preparations for field trips, visiting missions, and other project-related activities;
• Strategically plan routes to ensure the timely and efficient delivery of goods or passengers while prioritizing safety considerations;
Customer service:
• Pay attention to and show respect to passengers and other road users at all times;
• Uphold a positive and professional image by providing excellent customer service during transportation activities.
• Fulfilling additional responsibilities as needed.
It is expected that the selected candidate will conform to the following qualifications and experience profile:
(a) To possess a secondary Education;
(b) Possess a valid Tajik driving license (category B, preferable – all categories) with a clean driving record with no history of major traffic violations or accidents;
(c) Thorough understanding and knowledge of local traffic rules and regulations;
(d) At least 5 years of professional driving experience, preferably with a track record of safe and responsible driving;
(e) Basic understanding of vehicle mechanics and the ability to perform routine checks and maintenance tasks;
(f) Successful completion of a criminal background check; 
(g) Familiarity with the geographical area of operation to optimize route planning;
(h) Must be fluent in Tajik and Russian languages. Casual knowledge of English would be an asset.
The Driver is expected to be available from February, 2024. This assignment is for a total of 12 (twelve) months starting from the contract signing date and renewable annually based on the consultant’s performance and business needs. 
The MOES shall provide an office space and necessary equipment to the Driver during his/her tenure of service in the MOES of Tajikistan. The Specialist is expected to work full time (office hours). 
The attention of interested Consultants is drawn to Section III, paragraphs, 3.14, 3.16, and 3.17 of the World Bank’s “Procurement Regulations for IPF Borrowers” (July 2016, revised in November 2017 and August 2018 and November 2020) - Procurement in Investment Project Financing Goods, Works, Non-Consulting and Consulting Services (“Procurement Regulations”), setting forth the World Bank’s policy on conflict of interest.
Qualified applicants are requested to send the CV and cover letter in Russian and English via e-mail: c/c 
Please, include the position title in the subject of the email.
The deadline for submitting documents is 22 February 2024, before 17:00 (Dushanbe time).
Mr. Dilshod Safarzoda
Deputy Minister of Education and Science of Republic of Tajikistan
Dushanbe, Tajikistan, Nissormuhammad Ave. 13A
Tel/Fax: (+992 37) 2274502