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Learning Environment – Foundation of Quality Education Project 
Consulting services
Contract No MOES/LEARN/S/2023-10
Issuance date: 15/11/2023
Closing date/time: 29/11/2023
The Government of the Republic of Tajikistan has received grant funding in the amount of US$50.0 million from the World Bank for the implementation of the "Learning Environment – Foundation of Quality Education Project” (the Project, LEARN) during 2023-2029. The Project will be implemented by the Ministry of Education and Science (MOES), and in close coordination with the Agency for Supervision in the Sphere of Education and Science (ASSES). 
The Project Development Objective is to enhance the quality of teaching and learning environments in selected general secondary schools.
“Teaching and Learning environment” in this project refers to the complete physical, social, and pedagogical context in which learning is intended to occur. The teaching and learning environment in this project is defined as consisting of the skills and competencies of teachers and physical learning spaces where learning occurs . It is school settings (not just classrooms) and contexts in which students learn and teachers teach within the school premises.
The Chief Engineer Specialist will be responsible for supervising the project activities related to the design, construction and renovation of schools/educational facilities. He/she will participate in research, design, engineering and technological works related to construction/reconstruction of schools and other educational institutions.
The Chief Engineer Specialist will be contracted by the MOES using the Learning Environment – Foundation of Quality Education Project funds and will be accountable to the Director and to the Project Coordinator on day-to-day project civil engineer activities.
Under the supervision of the Director and Project Coordinator, the Chief Engineer Specialist will:
(a) Contribute to the improvement or change of the regulations, that set minimum requirements for design, construction and modification of school’s/education facilities as part of the work on the National Framework for Teaching and Learning Environments. Deliver analytical reports and knowledge briefs on building regulations. Work in the expert groups created as part of the Component 1 activities;
(b) Working closely with relevant departments of city and district authorities and other government agencies on issues related to the construction/renovation of schools/educational facilities;
(c) Preliminary assessment of all schools/educational institutions to identify/determine the scope and preliminary cost of construction, installation and maintenance work;
(d) Consider detailed design, estimated cost
(e) and other technical documentation of schools/educational institutions;
(f) Participation in research, design, engineering and on construction/reconstruction of schools and on educational facilities;
(g) Taking measures to improve the quality of design, cost estimates in the construction of schools and educational facilities;
(h) Participation in development, cost estimation and estimate organization of engineering surveys for the development/completion of design and other technical documentation;
(i) Control over the technical quality of architectural and planning solutions, engineering surveys and other engineering works, as well over the timeframe for the development of the design and costing documentation; Monitoring of compliance of the developed design and estimate documentation with state norms and standards at each individual school construction site;
(j) Coordination with relevant organizations and examination bodies in close cooperation with the Project Supervision Consultant;
(k) Resolving issues arising in the design and construction process, organizing work to eliminate defects found in design reviews and other technical documentation, as well as accounting for expenditures of approved estimates;
(l) Ensuring quality of technical and economic design of schools/educational facilities based on the use of the latest achievements of science and technology, the most appropriate and economical design solutions;
(m) Verification of tender prices and authenticity of documents submitted by bidders and verification of qualifications and capabilities of bidders;
(n) Organizing the activities of the Working Group in relation to consultants, contractors, suppliers and decision makers in accordance with established procedures;
(o) Direct supervision of the fulfillment of contract terms and conditions by consultants, contractors and suppliers;
(p) Regular visits to construction sites of project areas and making records in the observation log;
(q) Monitoring and quality control of construction, installation, and maintenance works and compliance with the contractor’s work schedule;
(r) Carry out control measurements of the scope of work submitted for approval by the project consultant;
(s) Conduct outside monitoring measures in schools/educational in situations;
(t) Timely review all construction documents related to the progress of construction works, signing and approval of all construction documents
(u) Prompt resolution of all issues and disputes that arise;
 Providing weekly and, if necessary, daily information on the progress of construction and installation of works in all schools/educational institutions to the Project Coordinator
The selected candidate will conform to the following qualifications and experience profile:
- Higher education in Civil Engineering or related field. Master's Degree in this field will be an advantage.;
- Minimum of 10 years of experience in civil engineering;
- Good problem solving and creative thinking skills, ability to multi-task and quick reaction;
- Knowledge of the local business environment in the construction industry;
- Knowledge of legislative and regulatory documents of the Republic of Tajikistan in terms of construction works;
- Knowledge of the basics of work technology, development and approval of construction plans;
- Knowledge of technologies and methods of construction works, construction rules, requirements of labor organization during construction works;
- Knowledge of development of design estimates and other technical documentation, introduction of scientific and technical achievements and experience of advanced enterprises in the field of construction;
- Knowledge of rules and norms of labor protection, occupational safety, industrial sanitation and fire protection and regulations;
- Computer literacy: Windows XP, Excel, Word, AutoCAD, ARCHICAD, MS Project and ability quickly master new systems;
- Excellent written and verbal communication skills in Tajik and Russian languages. Knowledge of English will be an advantage.
Two reference letters from the most recent employers
The Chief Engineer Specialist is expected to be available for this assignment from December, 2023. This assignment is for12 (twelve) months starting from the contract signing date and renewable annually based on the consultant’s performance and business needs. 
The MOES shall provide an office space and necessary equipment for Chief Engineer Specialist during his/her tenure of service in the MOES of Tajikistan. The Specialist is expected to work full time (office hours). The position may require travel to project sites within Tajikistan. 
The Consultant(s) will be selected in accordance with the procedures set out in the World Bank’s Procurement Regulations for IPF Borrowers November 2020 (Procurement Regulations).
Qualified applicants are requested to send the CV and cover letter in Russian and English via e-mail: c/c 
Please, include the position title in the subject of the email.
For more information, please call: (+992 37) 2274502 from 8:00 to 17:00 
The deadline for submitting documents is 29 November 2023, before 15:00 (Dushanbe time).